The Illusion

All our lives we’ve dreamed of a romance worthy of a movie, a great love story that could put to shame when harry met sally, or sleepless in Seattle. So we kept on looking for that story, pleading and begging for it to happen to us, we always hoped that this love story would be it and we get disappointed when it’s not.

What we do not see is that the romance story that we watch in movies are staged, planned with the proper timing of soundtracks to set the mood for a great scene, placed with well thought of lines that is perfect for the situation to invoke feelings. Along with those are dreamy actors and actresses thrown into the right lighting, camera angles and backdrop that completes the great romantic love story that has hooked us for a long time.

Love stories in real life are simpler, duller and less romantic than the movies. Real life love stories are not romantic movies, they are more of a comedy and tragedy, full of mishaps, bloopers, incorrect timing and heart aches.


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